Szegedjogsi Driving School – for English speaking students

Do you want your license naturalised? Or do you want to start your driving course? Join our English speaking driving school!

Opening hours

  • Mon-Thu: 14:00-17:00
  • Fri: 12:00-14:00



  • Szentháromság street 34., Szeged


By now, you must have contacted the Hungarian authorities, what you need to do to have your license naturalised. Please come in the office in the opening hours and bring in the following documents to our office for your registration:

    1. Your passport or ID card
    2. Your address card and residency card
    3. Your original driver’s license
    4. The official translation of your license
    5. The official document that the Central Office sent you
    6. Your medical certificate

The process of your naturalisation is the following:

  1. You have to pay a registration fee, which is 7000 Forints
  2. If you only need a theory exam, we’ll do the registration process for you to the exam. – The theory exam costs 4600 Forints.
  3. Although it is not obligatory to subscribe for a theoretical course, we firmly advise you to do so in order to pass the exam. – This costs 27000 Forints.
  4. You can try the theory exam as many times you need to pass. If you only need this exam, after you pass, you can go to the authorities to get your Hungarian driver’s license.
  5. However we only have English speaking instructors, the theory exam is available in German and Romanian as well for the same cost above.
  6. If you need a practical exam as well, you can start the driving classes approximately 2 weeks after your theoretical exam (the reason for the wait is the processing time of the official documents needed for the driving classes and exam. Also, the driving instructor needs time to adjust their time table for your classes)
  7. Although it is not obligatory to have driving classes before the practical exam, we require you to take at least 5 classes beforehand. We made this regulation for the safety of our instructors and examiners and for the sake of your successful exam. You may be able to drive a car, but the requirements of the exam are very specific and strict. Also, take in consideration that all the commands must be in Hungarian as the examiners can’t speak English. Our instructors will give you the full range of knowledge you need to pass the exam. The classes cost 10000 Forints each for a 50 minutes class, the exam costs 11000 Forints each. You also need to pay for one class.
  8. When you pass the practical exam, you’re all set, you can go to the authorities to get your Hungarian licence.

All costs summarized:

  Only theoretical exam:

  • Registration fee: 7.000,- Ft
  • Theory course: 27.000,- Ft
  • Theory exam: 4.600,- Ft
  • All in all: 38.600,- Ft

  Practical exam:

  • All costs above: 38.600,- Ft
  • 5 driving classes: 5×10.000,- Ft – 50.000,- Ft
  • Practical exam: 11.000,- Ft + 10.000 Ft – 21.000,- Ft
  • All in all: 109.600,- Ft

Starting from the beginning

  1. Theory course: online course which is available for 180 days. – 40.000,- Forints – you can do the registration process here on our website under the “Jelentkezés” page, ask a Hungarian speaking friend to fill it in, or you can come in the office during the open hours.
  2. For the theory exam, you’ll need a medical certificate from your doctor.
  3. You can pass the exam in English, German or Romanian for 4.600 Forints. You can try as many times as you need to pass for a year and you have 9 months from the start of your course to try for the first time.
  4. After passing your theory exam, you’ll need to practice at least 30 classes to pass the exam, by law. However, the average passing numbers of classes is around 50 as it is quite complicated to drive in Szeged and this regulation is around 30 years old and it is no longer realistic to pass the practical exam after 30 classes taken. For now, we have one English speaking instructor. The classes cost 10.000 Forints each. He gives you all the material needed to pass the practical exam.
  5. When the instructor thinks you are ready for your exam, we’ll book you an appointment. The exam fee is 11.000 Forints in addition to the driving class of the exam. During the exam the instructor is only allowed to talk to you in Hungarian, as the examiners can’t speak English. But you will learn all the basic vocabulary needed to pass the exam.
  6. To get your licence, you’ll also need a first aid exam. For this exam you don’t need to take a course. Also, if you have the valid experience and education (you’re a doctor for example), you aren’t obligated to take the exam either. Please, contact the Hungarian Red Cross for further information in this case. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a first aid course in English

All expenses:

  • Theory course: 40.000,- Ft
  • Medical certificate: around 10.000,- Ft (Depends on the doctor)
  • Theory exam: 4.600,- Ft
  • Driving classes: 29×10.000,- Ft – 29.0000,- Ft
  • Practical exam: 11.000,- Ft + 10.000,- Ft – 21.000,-Ft
  • First aid exam: 15.500,- Ft
  • All expenses: 381.100,- Ft